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With support from The Balm Foundation, we initiated a pilot project in 2018 to take our Farm to Food Pantry Program to the next level. In the past, we aggregated fresh produce from local farms, which was sold to Long Island Cares food bank. This program was successful in providing over 80,000 pounds of produce over three years to Long Islanders in need, and it also gave farmers a market for their surplus crops. Still, farmers were often left with produce that was destined for the compost pile, and local food pantries had limited access to local produce over the winter when many farmers were not growing. We had to find a better solution. To extend the season and maximize impact, our new project known as Farm to Community enabled us to vacuum seal and freeze over 3,000 pounds of surplus produce from Share the Harvest Farm that will be donated to two local food pantries this winter. In 2019, our goal is to expand refrigeration capacity, add distribution from South Fork Kitchens in Southampton, and partner up with more farms and local institutions to improve food equity as well as the economy of our local agricultural system.

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